2nd Jogging event : Seven Gods Run (2)

1.Ohtori Shrine Ohtori Shrine, known for Otori-sama God, has been believed as the god of good luck, business and family fortunes. It was once part of the adjacent temple named Chokoku-ji. They have b...

2015-04-14 (火)

2nd Jogging event : Seven Gods Run

We planed the route of the Sven Gods in Asakusa area as the second event for Jogging. It had on 24 Jan. 2015. 15 runners have joined. About Asakusa Shichi-fukujin (Seven Gods) run: Since the Edo ...

2015-04-14 (火)

1st Jogging event : University of Tokyo and Ueno Park Run

Our first jogging event was held on December 14, 2014. 17 runners joined. The route start to jogging from the park exit of the Ueno station and pass by museums in the park and through the Shinobazu p...

2015-04-14 (火)
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