Shinobazu Pond and tram

Today, the area around Ueno Park, with its museums, the Ueno Zoo, library, and Tokyo University of the arts, and cultural education center, is known as a cultural era. Inside Ueno Park, despite occupying one fifth of Ueno Park’s area、Shinobazu Pond goes relatively unnoticed.

Shinobazu Pond is located to the south side of Ueno Park, with the Ueno zoo to the north, Keisei Uneo Station to the East, with Shibobazu Street running along the South West. Within Ueno Park is also called Ueno Mountain, it has been know from the Tokugawa Period for Japanese cherry trees, in the spring, around the pond hanami viewers, and while close to the hustle and bustle of the station and Ueno Hirokoji, it is a place that offers a respite.

In the center of the pond is Bentenjima where Bensaiten Temple is located, from that embankment it is as if Shinobazu Pond is divided into three ponds – the Lotus Pond replete with Hasu lotuses, the boat rental pond, and as one part of the Ueno Zoo’s (Western Garden), the great cormorant sanctuary pond. Now on the north side of the great cormorant sanctuary pond there are some plots which because they have become part of Ueno Zoo meaning that the pond can no longer be encircled, but formerly by the edge of the pond there was a dedicated streetcar line with two stops: “Zoo Station” and “Ueno Park.”

O-1_img_1  Figure 1 Shinobazu Pond Circa 1930. Detail from Uchiyama  Zenzaburo, “Map of Tokyo City By Ward: Shitaya Ward Complete Map” Uchiyama Mokei Seizusya (1930)

From the Nezu side until arriving at the Ueno Park Station, the view from the window of trains circulating from north side to the east side of was said riders could see, “spring is Ueno’s famous sakura, summer is the blooming lotuses on the pond’s surface, winter is in winter the water birds playing on the Shinobazu Pond, a small journey on the Tokyo Streetcar.”

It has already been over 40 years since the streetcar around Shinobazu Pond stopped, and while this place was formerly known as the “entrance to Ueno,” this aspect of Ueno is being slowly forgotten. The place where the “Ueno Park Station” was is near where the Shitamachi Musuem was built, where many documents from the Tokugawa Period to the middle of the Showa Period on Tokyo’s Shitamachi atmosphere can be seen.

O-1_img_2  Figure 2 Contemporary View of Shinobazu Pond

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