Where is this place?: The M-Monument (continued)

In the winter of 2012, the M-Monument was slightly moved from its original place and took on a different appearance.

Wrapped-up M-Monument

Wrapped-up M-Monument

Carefully wrapped and moved into a kind of barred “cage”, the M-monument was prepared to make room for the relocation of the trees originally beside The University of Tokyo General Library. The University’s General Library launched a grand construction project in 2012. A new home for some trees surrounding the Library was planned in the vicinity of the Faculty of Medicine Building 2 and the M-monument’s temporary wrap-ups was to smooth this relocation task of the trees.

The wrapped-up and slightly elevated M-Monument may remind passers-by how the landscape looked without the sculpture and provoke thoughts over the process of its installation. Public art has a pejorative slang term, “plop art”, meaning art that falls to its location unnaturally. To some extent, this word reveals the difficult relationship between a piece of public art and its environment, and a gap between the producers’ intention and the spectators’ actual reaction. Placed in this public space, the M-Monument is not just a commemorative work of the Faculty of Medicine, but one dialogues with the surroundings and opens itself to varying interpretations.

Now restored to its original look and position, the M-Monument continues to stand there, makes statements, and asks questions.


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