1st Jogging event : University of Tokyo and Ueno Park Run

Our first jogging event was held on December 14, 2014. 17 runners joined.
The route start to jogging from the park exit of the Ueno station and pass by museums in the park and through the Shinobazu pond, It enter the Univ. of Tokyo at Tetsu-mon gate and pass through Aka-mon gate, Yasuda Auditorium, Sanshiro pond and so on. We will take a rest by walking around the Sanshiro pond. It get back to the Ueno park through Yayoi-mon gate, the Shinobazu Pond, the row of cherry blossom trees. The total distance is 7.2 km.

Some guides of the spots we passed through the course is following:
The most famous structure is probably Akamon. In English it means red gate. Akamon is widely known as the symbol of the University of Tokyo. It was originally built in 1827, in the late Edo period, by the Kaga domain which resided in the area where today is the university. It is important to note that the gate is the oldest structure in the campus.

The campus as we know it today was mostly built during the Taisho Period. However it was in the early years of the Meiji Period, about 140 years ago, that the campus here in Hongo was first constructed. English architect Josiah Condor designed most of the buildings. However the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923 devastated an extensive part of the campus.

After the disaster the university had to be reconstructed and Yoshikazu Uchida played an important role as the head of the Reconstruction Section. Uchida had already been engaged in designing buildings in the campus before the disaster. He also designed the Yasuda auditorium. Other buildings designed by him were in the middle of its construction during the earthquake and they were not damaged. This fact contributed to Uchida’s reputation and he became the central figure of the reconstruction project of the University. In later years he also served as the President of the University.

Uchida’s buildings were reinforced concrete structures of three stories and a basement floor. The exterior wall is titled with light brown scratch-tiles and the entrances have arches in Gothic Style. Although there are many tall buildings in the campus today the old buildings remain, and they give the campus a special atmosphere. I hope you all enjoy the environment of the university while participating in our activity. Thank you very much for your attention and let`s start our course along the Sanshiro Pond.

Let’s walk from here until we leave Sanshiro Pond for break time. And I will talk a little about the university buildings of here Hongo campus, as we walk along.
The most famous building in this campus is Akamon, the red gate we passed by. The gate is widely known as a symbol of University of Tokyo. It was originally the gate of Kaga domain residences and built in 1827 the late Edo period and the oldest building in the university.
But the landscape of the campus today was largely built during the Taisho Period. About 140 years ago, the University of Tokyo built the campus here Hongo in the Meiji Period. In the early years of Meiji the campus building were mainly designed by Josiah Condor from England. But most of them was destroyed in a fire the Great Kanto
Earthquake struck in 1923. In the earthquake reconstruction of the University, a person who had played an important role is Yoshikazu Uchida, the head of building and repairing section of the university. Uchida had been already engaged himself in building in the campus before the earthquake disaster. This Yasuda Auditorium also designed by Uchida. Some buildings designed by Uchida were in the middle of construction at the earthquake. It is said that there was no damage to that, so the reliability of building design by Uchida increased. Thus, he became the central figure of the reconstruction project of the university. He also worked as the president of the University of Tokyo in later years.
Buildings designed by Uchida are a reinforced concrete building of three stories having a basement floor. And they have the exterior wall tiled with light brown scratch-tiles, details and entrances with arch in Gothic style. Though there are many tall buildings in this campus today, these old buildings have remain and create atmosphere of the campus. I hope you all enjoy the landscape of the university while your running. Thank you for your attention. Well, let’s walk along the Sanshiro Pond.


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