2nd Jogging event : Seven Gods Run

We planed the route of the Sven Gods in Asakusa area as the second event for Jogging. It had on 24 Jan. 2015. 15 runners have joined.
About Asakusa Shichi-fukujin (Seven Gods) run:
Since the Edo period, to visit the Seven Gods and pray for prosperity for the coming year has been a tradition in Japan. Let’s enjoy the atmosphere of Shitamachi and visit the Seven Gods in Asakusa! There are nine shrines/temples altogether. This is because nine is an auspicious number in Japan and there are two shrines for Fukuroju God and Jurojin God respectively.

About Shichi-fukujin (Seven Gods):
The seven gods are Ebisu (God of successful business and the only one who originated from Japan among the seven); Daikokuten (God of food and wealth and the most popular one); Benzaiten (God of art and female, and the only goddess among the seven); Bishamonten (God of wisdom and bravery); Hotei (God of integrity and magnanimity); Fukurokujyu (God of happiness, wealth and longevity); and Juroujin (God of longevity and wisdom).

About the Route:
Start from Asakusa-kuchi (Asakusa exit) of Ueno station, go Northward to Kappabashi, after visiting the shrines and temples in Senzoku, go through Yoshiwara-Daimon (Yoshiwara Gate) and arrive at Sumida-gawa (Sumida river). After visiting the temples and shrines along Sumida river and Sensoji Temple, again go through Kappabashi and return to Ueno station.

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